Séance du 10 novembre 2017

Lieu (Attention, lieu inhabituel!): Jussieu, salle 15-25-413

Pas de séminaire le matin ( exposé d' Alexander Givental ici et exposé de Valentine Roos ici )

14:15  Richard Siefring (Bochum) 
Symplectic field theory and codimension-2 stable Hamiltonian submanifolds. 
Abstract: Motivated by the goal of establishing a "symplectic sum formula" in symplectic field theory, we will discuss the intersection behavior between punctured pseudoholomorphic curves and certain symplectic hypersurfaces in a symplectization.  In particular we will show that the count of such intersections is always bounded from above by a finite, topologically-determined quantity even though the curve, the target manifold, and the symplectic hypersurface in question are all noncompact.

16:00  Kathrin Näf (Zurich)  

Translated points on dynamically convex contact manifolds.
 Abstract: In this talk I will explain how for a contact manifold the existence of a
dynamically convex supporting contact form ensures compactness of Floer moduli spaces
and thus allows us to define Rabinowitz Floer homology in a symplectisation. In this
setting, the Rabinowitz Floer homology groups give a means to deduce existence results
for translated points as introduced by Sandon. Part of this is joint work with Matthias

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