Séance du vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Lieu : IHP, salle 314

11:00  Johan Bjorklund (IMJ) :

    Legendrian contact homology in the product of a real line with a punctured Riemann surface.

Résumé: Ekholm, Etnyre and Sullivan has defined Legendrian contact homology in manifolds on the form PxR where P is an exact symplectic manifold. In the case where P is a surface the Riemann mapping theorem enables a combinatorial description.
We give a combinatorial description of the Legendrian differential graded algebra associated to a Legendrian knot in PxR, where P is a punctured Riemann surface. If time allows we will show that in any homology class there are examples of Legendrian knots which are smoothly isotopic but not Legendrian isotopic.

14:15  Margherita Sandon (Montréal & CNRS) :

    Homologie de Floer pour les points translatés.
Résumé: In 2011 I proposed a contact version of the Arnold conjecture, based on the notion of translated points of contactomorphisms. I will now discuss a work in progress to prove this conjecture for all contact manifolds, by constructing a Floer homology theory for translated points. I will also discuss why I expect this Floer homology theory to provide a perfect tool to study contact rigidity phonomena such as orderability, non-squeezing and existence of bi-invariant metrics on the contactomorphism group.

16:00  Tony Rieser (Haifa) :

    Coisotropic capacities and non-squeezing for relative symplectic embeddings

Résumé: We introduce a notion of symplectic capacity relative to a coisotropic submanifold of a symplectic manifold, and we define a modification of the Hofer-Zehnder capacity and show it provides an example. As a corollary, we obtain a non-squeezing theorem for symplectic embeddings relative to coisotropic constraints.

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