Mini-cours de Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner (UC Santa Cruz)

Embedded contact homology ans its applications.

Abstract: Embedded contact homology (ECH) is a kind of Floer homology for contact three-manifolds. The aim of this mini-course is to give a gentle introduction to ECH that is geared towards explaining some of its more striking applications. We will start by explaining the "Volume Property" of the ECH spectrum, and show how this can be used to establish new closing lemmas and new results about the existence of Reeb orbits. Then, we will explain more about the foundations of ECH, and the connections between ECH and gauge theory. If time permits, we will also talk about applications to symplectic embedding problems. We will try to make the talks broadly accessible, so required pre-requisites should be minimal.

Séance 1: Jeudi 7 juin, 10h30-11h30, salle 15-16-101
Séance 2: Jeudi 7 juin, 14h00-15h00, salle 15-16-101
Séance 3: 21/06 at 11:00, room 15-16-101
Séance 4: 21/06 at 14:00, room 15-16-101
Séance 5: 28/06 at 10:00, room 15-25-502
Séance 6: 28/06 at 14:00, room TBA...