Symplectix 10 novembre 2023

Location: IHP, room 201 

The talks are broadcasted via Zoom:


10:45 Louis Ioos (Cergy Pontoise) 
A Riemann-Roch formula for singular symplectic reductions.

Abstract: Given a Hamiltonian action of a Lie group G on a symplectic manifold, the Quantization commutes with Reduction principle ([Q,R]=0) of Guillemin-Sternberg states that the space of G-invariants of the quantization of this manifold coincides with the quantization of its symplectic reduction by G. This principle provides in particular a geometric approach to the study of the representation theory of G. In this talk, I will consider the case where G is a circle and where the symplectic reduction is a compact singular symplectic space, then present an approach to establish this principle based on the Berline-Vergne formula and the asymptotics of the Witten integral. This talk is based on a joint work in collaboration with Benjamin Delarue and Pablo Ramacher.

Russel Avdek (Orsay)
Transverse stabilization in dim>3 contact topology.
We'll define stabilization for codimension 2 contact manifolds of dim>3 contact manifolds so that the following holds: A contact manifold is overtwisted iff its standard contact unknot (the dividing set of the boundary of a Darboux disk) is a stabilization. For n>1 we describe stabilized dim=2n-1 standard contact spheres inside of the dim=2n+1 standard sphere which are formally contact isotopic to standard contact unknots. These results build on work of Casals-Murphy-Presas and Casals-Etnyre, respectively. The proofs only use the differential topology of Weinstein manifolds and we'll aim for accessibility.

15:45 Yuan Yao (Jussieu/Orsay)
Symplectic packings in higher dimensions.
Abstract: The problem of symplectically packing k symplectic balls into a larger one has been solved in dimension four, i.e. there is now a combinatorial criteria of when this is possible. However, not much is known about symplectic packing problems in higher dimensions. We take a step in this direction in dimension six, by considering a “stabilized” packing problem, i.e. we consider symplectically packing a disjoint union of  four dimensional balls times a closed Riemann surface into a bigger ball times the same Riemann surface. We show this is possible if and only if the corresponding four dimensional ball packing is possible. The proof is a mixture of geometric constructions, pseudo-holomorphic curves, and h-principles. This is based on work to appear with Kyler Siegel.

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